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Hello, My name is Devin Townsend.

DreamPeace is a longstanding project of mine that I intend to constantly keep producing that functions as music for sleeping, meditation, and relaxing.

This music is not meant to be focused on, or directly paid attention to. It is meant to be a sonic background to your day. It is music I write alongside all the ‘main’ releases that I put out, and as such, acts as a balm for me on so many levels. I listen to this music constantly, and have done for years.

This isnt ‘my next release’ or anything like that, it is meant to be something that exists along the way. This isnt an A.I generated project, I go through the material from start to finish and enjoy making little ‘projects’ out of them…naming them, releasing them immediately.

My aim with this music is to provide a soundtrack for anxious minds. I hope its of some use to you as it is for me.

Devin Townsend